Automatic Incense Stick Making Machine Soham 50

Automatic Incense Stick Making Machine Soham 50

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 Nano Feeder 200 Sticks machine.
Beware from duplication and cheater.
Nobody our Ex-partner

Machine Speed: 200 Stroke/minute
DC base electric panel With DC Gear motor. (No warranty but repairable)
Production: 40-60 kg. /8 Hr. (Depends on stick Quality)
Soundless Gearbox with hardened gears & grounded Shafts.
Air-cooled Bowl housing.
 Problem less DC Motor, DC Gear motor, and Sensor. (Compare to others)
Auto stop when material was finished, raw stick finish and stick not pass from die
Main Motor: 1 HP Single Phases.
Length of incense: 8” to 12”
Machine weight: 125 Kg.
Free: Material mixing formula, contacts of raw material supplier,
           Training of machine operating and general maintenance.
Free: 1 tool set, rocket, Cleaning rod, Rocket rod, machine manual.
Warranty: 9 months in Main motor, Ac drive, Gear box, DC Card & Slider.
This machine designed by our Engineer.
This machine is produced by our technical staff. 
(Not import from other country.) 
Easy to operating & low maintenance.
Made in India.