Automatic Pouch Packing Machine

Automatic Pouch Packing Machine

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Automatic Incense Counting & Pouching Machine.

Beware from duplication and cheater.

Nobody our Ex-partner

Machine Speed: up to 2400 pack/HR. (Depends on size & Qty).

Electric control panel With Stepper motor & PLC.

Auto stop when raw incense was finished.

Main Motor: 0.5 HP Single Phases. (With AC Drives)

Req. Power: 2 HP

Compressor: 1.5 HP (Your Scope)

Length of packing: 8” to 10”

Diameter of Incense: 3mm to 5 mm.

Packing Roll width: 80 to 120 mm.

No. of sticks: 5 to 50 sticks/pouch.

(4 pcs.-40pack), (15 pcs.-35), (20 pcs.-32)

Film Thickness: 0.02 -0.04 mm.

Packing material: BOPP.

Machine weight: 250 Kg.

Free: Training of machine operation and general maintenance.
Free: 1 tool set, Only 2 Suit free required extra suit you will be pay.

Warranty: 9 months in Main motor, Ac drive, PLC and stepper motor.

We provide only 2 suites with machine

You have buy extra suite for big pouch is chargeable

This machine is only for BOPP PLAIN ROLL

For eye mark system printed roll charges will extra

This machine designed by our Engineer.

This machine is produced by our technical staff.

(Not import from another country.)

Easy to operate & low maintenance.

Made in India.